Why Marriage is Capital Intensive

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Why Marriage is Capital Intensive

Why Marriage is Capital Intensive

Why Marriage is Capital Intensive

Welcome to this page where you will gain insights into why marriage is capital-intensive. Ensure you read through this content carefully.

Money is a crucial factor for survival in various aspects of our lives, including church, businesses, relationships, and more. Let’s explore the details.

Marriage is a market where nothing is free except the entrance; being capital-intensive doesn’t just refer to monetary demands but encompasses love, care, understanding, patience, humility, consideration, tolerance, vigilance, and commitment of body, soul, and spirit, as well as time.

Every attribute is essential to make it work. There’s a proverb that says,

  • ”Marriage halves our griefs, doubles our joys, and quadruples our expenses.”

This proverb emphasizes the need to invest your total self and all your resources to ensure a happy marriage life.

In the business context, you have to invest and wait in the long term to yield profit. The investment refers to the efforts you put in to make it work, and the peace you attain in your marriage is the result of your invested efforts.

In conclusion, marriage is divine, designed as part of God’s program. It requires intensive work to make it blissful, necessitating your full commitment. Keep in mind that marriage is good.


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