Weah defeated; Boakai wins Liberian presidential election

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Weah defeated; Boakai wins Liberian presidential election

Weah defeated; Boakai wins Liberian presidential election

Weah defeated; Boakai wins Liberian presidential election

In the recent Liberian presidential election held on Tuesday, football legend and incumbent president George Weah faced defeat in the second round of voting.

Ex-Vice President Joseph Boakai, representing the Unity Party, emerged victorious with 814,212 votes out of the available 1,625,684 votes, surpassing Weah’s 785,778 votes from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change. The voter turnout stood at 65.77%.

By 4 pm on Friday, Boakai maintained a lead of 28,434 votes over Weah, and with 25,694 ballots still outstanding, Weah couldn’t catch up even if he secured all the pending votes. Unlike the first round, where a candidate needed over 50% of the vote to win, a simple majority sufficed in the second round.

Weah gracefully conceded defeat, urging his supporters to accept the election results. He emphasized the need for unity, stating, “Tonight, the CDC has lost the election, but Liberia has won. This is a time for graciousness in defeat, a time to place our country above party, and patriotism above personal interest.”

Commending Weah for his acceptance, the United States Government congratulated President-elect Boakai on his victory.

The State Department recognized the broad participation of Liberians in the peaceful presidential runoff election and praised the commitment of citizens to exercising their right to vote.

With over 2.4 million registered voters, Liberia’s institutions, particularly the National Elections Commission, were acknowledged for their dedicated work in ensuring a successful electoral process.


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