Tinubu’s Commitment to Modernizing Nigeria’s Transport

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Tinubu’s Commitment to Modernizing Nigeria’s Transport

Tinubu's Commitment to Modernizing Nigeria's Transport

Tinubu’s Commitment to Modernizing Nigeria’s Transport

President Tinubu urges fellow African nations as he reveals plans to roll out a fleet of 100 electric buses.

Tinubu, speaking at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, emphasized the initiative’s goal to make Nigeria more eco-friendly.

He appointed Zacch Adedeji and Dahiru Salisu to co-chair the Nigeria Carbon Market Activation Plan, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and modernize transport.

Tinubu challenged other nations to adopt similar strategies, highlighting Africa’s potential as a pioneer in green manufacturing.

He stated that Nigeria’s commitment to environmental stewardship could inspire global efforts for a greener economy.


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