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Terms Of Use


We provide music files in various categories, such as gospel (foreign and Naija) and South African songs, among others. We respect the materials uploaded and use them for promotional purposes only. The files are available for free download and should not be sold.


At Ajebotune, we strive to promote high-quality content that our visitors can enjoy and learn from. We ensure that all files are free of viruses to protect our users’ devices.

Your privacy is important to us. We keep your personal information safe and do not share it with third parties unless required by law or a court order.

By using our site, you agree to respect the rights of others and follow community guidelines, especially when using the comment sections. We are not responsible for any offensive language used on the website.

We are not liable for any damage or loss caused by your use of our site. Use our platform at your own risk, but we promise to take necessary measures to ensure your safety.

We guarantee that our site will provide you with hours of music, educational resources, and entertainment trends to keep you informed.

Please review our Privacy Policy for more details. If our system detects any malicious activity, such as spamming, we will take immediate action.

If you encounter any issues with our services, we are committed to resolving them quickly and amicably, and we will take any necessary measures to improve the performance of the website.

These terms and conditions aim to be user-friendly and music-focused while protecting the rights and interests of our site and its users.


Kindly note every content published on this website, have been checked thoroughly before publishing.

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