Telegram overtaking WhatsApp by introducing business-oriented functionalities

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Telegram overtaking WhatsApp by introducing business-oriented functionalities


Telegram overtaking WhatsApp by introducing business-oriented functionalities
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Telegram overtaking WhatsApp by introducing business-oriented functionalities

Telegram is stepping up its game against WhatsApp by introducing business-oriented functionalities. These features, although complimentary, are exclusively available to subscribed Premium users.

While not as pervasive as WhatsApp, businesses now have the option to integrate Telegram into their communication repertoire.

Users can seamlessly transition their accounts into business profiles, unlocking features tailored to streamline customer interactions. These include showcasing operating hours and pinpointing their location on a map, facilitating easier accessibility for patrons seeking their services.

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Moreover, businesses can personalize their start pages and furnish information about their offerings within chat interfaces, providing prospective customers with a preview of their products or services even before initiating contact.

To expedite responses to multiple queries, Telegram Business accounts can formulate and archive preset messages for swift replies.

Additionally, they can configure pre-written greetings and automated away messages, enhancing user engagement. Although equipped with Telegram Bots for customer interactions, the propensity for frustration when engaging with automated responses instead of human customer service representatives is acknowledged.

However, these functionalities come with a caveat: they are accessible only to Telegram Premium subscribers, priced at $5 per month.

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In tandem with the rollout of these business-centric features, Telegram has disclosed its revenue-sharing model for channel owners, offering them 50 percent of the ad revenue generated on their channels provided they amass a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

Citing insights from company founder Pavel Durov, Telegram appears to be on a financially stable trajectory, with expectations of turning profitable by the following year. Durov has also hinted at the possibility of an initial public offering in the pipeline.


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