Sodiq Adebisi Pronounced Dead After Collapse

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Sodiq Adebisi Pronounced Dead After Collapse

Sodiq Adebisi Pronounced Dead After Collapse

Sodiq Adebisi Pronounced Dead After Collapse

Tragedy waka enta as 34-year-old baller, Sodiq Adebisi, yankee die afta e fall down waka during training for Dipo Dina International Stadium, Ijebu-Ode, for Ijebu Ode local government area of Ogun State.

Dem talk say the guy dey train with oda ballers on Saturday, November 2, 2023, when wahala jam am.

As dem see Sodiq fall yakata for ground, dem rush am go state hospital for Ijebu-Ode, but dem talk say e don kpai the same day wey dem carry am go hospital.

State Police Public Relations Officer, Omolola Odutola, confam the matter, talk say the guy brother, Ganiyu Adebisi, show for Igbeba Police Division say dem wan carry the corpse do burial.

“The brother show for our Igbeba division talk the matter. The family yarn say dem no want any investigation; dem wan bury am according to Islamic way,” Odutola yan.

For anoda tori, Medical Director of Optimal Cancer Care Foundation, Dr. Olufemi Olaleye, wey dem bin find guilty of rape, don run go Court of Appeal say make dem comot the conviction wey the lower court give am.

Remember say on October 24, 2023, Lagos Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court for Ikeja talk say Olaleye guilty for sexual assault against hin wife niece wey be 16 years, talk say make dem give am life imprisonment.

Justice Rahman Oshodi talk say the prosecution show say Olaleye defile and sexually assault the girl.

But for notice of appeal wey journalists see on Wednesday, Olaleye, wey get lawyer, Dr. Kemi Pinheiro, SAN, talk say the lower court carry eye see the prosecution evidence against am.

E yan say the prosecution evidence no get strong support or independent backup.

“The law talk say for cases wey involve defilement or sexual assault of pikin, the pikin evidence must get support. All the witnesses wey prosecution carry wey talk say dem dey support the pikin evidence na from the pikin mouth dem carry the talk.

“Again, the support must show say the crime happen and say the person wey dem accuse, actually commit the crime,” PUNCH talk as e dey for appeal document.

Olaleye add say the lower court do mistake say dem no use Section 167(d) of Evidence Act 2011 when prosecution no bring birth certificate of the pikin.

“The law talk say make court believe say evidence wey party no bring, e mean say dem hide am because e no follow dem. Birth certificate wey show when the pikin dey born suppose dey with prosecution or victim. Dem no bring am.

“Based on that, the Honourable Lower Court suppose use Section 167(d) of Evidence Act 2011. See State vs. Sunday (2019) 9 NWLR pt. 1676 pg. 115; State vs. Salawu (2011) 18 NWLR pt. 1279 pg. 580,” Pinheiro yan.

E still talk say make appellate court free am and make dem quash the matter.

E dey look make dem give am “An order of this honourable court discharging and acquitting the appellant of the offences spelt out on the face of the information filed in Charge No: ID/20289C/2022.

“An order of this honourable court setting aside the decision of the honourable lower court contained in the judgment delivered on the 24th day of October 2023 in charge No: ID/20289C/2022.”


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