Shallipopi biography, real Age, wiki, Early life, career

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Shallipopi biography, real Age, wiki, Early life, career

Shallipopi biography, real Age, wiki, Early life, career

Shallipopi biography, real Age, wiki, Early life, career

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About Shallipopi

Shallipopi, the emerging sensation in music, gained widespread acclaim with his EP “Planet Pluto.” The track “Ex Convict” soared in popularity, showcasing Shallipopi’s distinctive sound that diverges from current trends.

In 2023, Shallipopi’s breakthrough single, “Elon Musk,” marked a pivotal moment in his career, launching him into stardom with its infectious rhythm and catchy chorus.

Subsequent releases like “Sharpiru” further solidified his status as a rising star.

His active presence on social media platforms, notably Instagram and TikTok, cultivated a significant following, with fans identifying as “Plutomanian citizens” passionately supporting his artistic vision.

Despite success, Shallipopi encountered a setback when implicated in a fraud case, resulting in a two-year prison sentence for money laundering alongside five others.

Remarkably, during his incarceration, his song “Ex Convict” topped the Nigerian music chart, boosted by a repost from influential artist Wizkid.

Shallipopi’s Age

At 22 years old, born on December 14, 2000, Shallipopi’s educational background remains undisclosed, but his musical talent and industry success speak volumes.

While specifics about his net worth are undisclosed, Shallipopi’s music and persona radiate an air of wealth and accomplishment.


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