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P.A.R.T – Adura Ojofeitimi (Audio Mp3 Download)

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P.A.R.T – Adura Ojofeitimi (Audio Mp3 Download)

P.A.R.T - Adura Ojofeitimi (Audio Mp3 Download)
PART by Adura Ojofeitimi

There is undoubtedly a song that can inspire and guide you into a deeper connection with God. Thanks to Adura Ojofeitimi, we have the inspiring song “PART“. The song “PART” is based on the profound message found in Romans 12:1-2.

It revolves around the acronym PART, which stands for ‘Presentable, Acceptable, Renewable, Transformable‘.

This acronym P.A.R.T signifies God’s desire for humanity and how we should worship Him. This exceptional recording captures the essence of the song in an audio format, providing a soul-enriching experience that is sure to bless you immensely.

P.A.R.T – Adura Ojofeitimi (Audio Mp3 Download)

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