Nigerien Troops Targeted by Landmine, Prompting Military Airstrikes

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Nigerien Troops Targeted by Landmine, Prompting Military Airstrikes

Nigerien Troops Targeted by Landmine, Prompting Military Airstrikes

Nigerien Troops Targeted by Landmine, Prompting Military Airstrikes

A Nigerian army patrol vehicle struck a homemade landmine near the village of Tingara in the southwestern region earlier this week. The incident resulted in casualties and injuries among the soldiers, who were promptly evacuated for medical attention.

This attack underscores the ongoing challenges faced by Niger, a country currently under military rule following a coup in July 2023. The coup leaders cited the deteriorating security situation, particularly the eight-year jihadist insurgency, as a justification for their actions.

The targeted patrol was returning from Inates, located in the Tillaberi region – a frequent hotspot for jihadist attacks. This incident highlights the persistent threat faced by security forces operating in these areas.

In a swift response, the military launched a successful airstrike after tracking and eliminating those believed to be responsible for the landmine attack.  This operation was announced in a statement released on Thursday.

The military also reported conducting another airstrike in Amalaoulaou, Mali, targeting a group of terrorists. This operation resulted in the elimination of eight fighters and the destruction of their equipment.

This recent attack comes on the heels of another tragic incident last month, where 23 Nigerien soldiers were killed in a terrorist ambush within Tillaberi.  It’s important to note that Tillaberi shares borders with Burkina Faso and Mali, both of which are also currently under military rule.

The Nigerien government further faces violence from Boko Haram jihadists and their rivals, the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), operating in the southeastern Diffa region near Nigeria.


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