Nigerians Upset Over Funding Method for Cybersecurity

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Nigerians Upset Over Funding Method for Cybersecurity

Nigerians Upset Over Funding Method for Cybersecurity

Nigerians are expressing strong disapproval over a new cybersecurity levy recently implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). This policy has drawn criticism from various groups, including prominent figures, lawmakers, and labor unions.

Prof. Khalifa Dikwa, a respected elder statesman, raised concerns that the Tinubu administration might have been pressured into approving the levy. He suggested the policy was influenced by “external forces” who operate behind the scenes. Dikwa further criticized the timing of the levy, arguing that Nigerians are already struggling financially.

Nigerians Upset Over Funding Method for Cybersecurity

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives acknowledged the public outcry and initially proposed a motion to suspend the levy. Hon. Manu Soro, who introduced the motion, highlighted the hardship it would cause Nigerians during a period of economic strain. However, the Speaker of the House temporarily tabled the motion for further discussion on how to address the situation.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) strongly condemned the levy, calling it an additional burden on workers and ordinary citizens. NLC President Joe Ajaero argued that the policy would directly reduce disposable income and limit purchasing power. He further criticized the levy as a means for the ruling elite to exploit the masses.

The cybersecurity levy has sparked a wave of negative reactions across Nigeria. While the NLC acknowledged the importance of cybersecurity,  they believe the chosen method of funding is unfair and burdens the public. This policy faces ongoing criticism from Nigerians and remains a contentious issue.


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