Mercy Eke Opens Up About Marriage Pressure and Alternative Paths to Parenthood

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Mercy Eke Opens Up About Marriage Pressure and Alternative Paths to Parenthood

Mercy Eke Opens Up About Marriage Pressure and Alternative Paths to Parenthood

BBNaija All Stars 1st Runner-up, Mercy Eke, candidly shares her reservations about marriage, expressing a reluctance to embrace the institution and contemplating alternative paths to motherhood.

In a recent interview with media personality Hero Daniels, the former BBNaija All Stars housemate reveals that societal expectations, coupled with maternal pressure, contribute to her apprehensions about marriage.

Eke discloses the challenges she faces, with her mother actively encouraging traditional weddings, adding to the complexities surrounding her stance on matrimony. Despite contemplating surrogacy as an option for having a child, she leans towards the idea of getting pregnant outside the confines of wedlock.

“I had contemplated the idea of acquiring a child, not in the literal sense of buying one. My plan was to utilize my eggs, engage a sperm donor, hire a surrogate, and bring a beautiful baby into the world,” she shares.

This unconventional approach stems from the societal and familial pressures she experiences, particularly from her mother’s incessant involvement in traditional weddings.

Eke acknowledges the societal expectations placed on women regarding marriage, and she empathizes with the pressure to conform to traditional norms. Reflecting on her thoughts about unconventional paths to motherhood, she remarks, “Happiness is happiness, wherever you find it.

If you choose to give birth and find joy elsewhere, so be it.” She appreciates the freedom Westerners have in making choices that align with their preferences, a contrast to the societal constraints she feels.

Addressing the prospect of marriage, Eke humorously alludes to the weariness induced by her mother’s persistent inquiries about her own traditional wedding. She playfully asserts, “When you’ve attended a thousand traditional weddings, the inevitable question arises – ‘When is your daughter having hers?’ I jokingly told my mom not to pressure me!”

Contemplating alternatives, Eke reveals her inclination towards having a child outside the confines of marriage. She envisions a scenario where she becomes a mother and redirects all her love towards her child, expressing a sentiment that she might not feel the need for a marital relationship afterward.

She shares, “Once I have a baby outside of marriage, I am not getting married again. The kind of love I will give to that baby, I will not love any man again. All my love, I will give it to my baby. So, I’ve only one relationship left in me.”

In this candid revelation, Mercy Eke articulates her desire for autonomy in life choices, challenging societal norms and expectations surrounding marriage. Her contemplation of unconventional paths to motherhood reflects a broader shift in perspectives, with an emphasis on personal happiness and fulfillment, even if it means deviating from traditional norms.

Mercy Eke Opens Up About Marriage Pressure and Alternative Paths to Parenthood


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