Massachusetts Woman Wins Lottery Twice: Luck or Grace?

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Massachusetts Woman Wins Lottery Twice: Luck or Grace?

Massachusetts Woman Wins Lottery Twice: Luck or Grace?


Is it luck or grace? A woman from Massachusetts has won the lottery twice, marking an incredible event. Christine Wilson from Attleboro was awarded $1 million after playing the state lottery. The announcement was made on Wednesday, May 1st.


This is her second time winning the same amount in 10 weeks, which has sparked conversation. Wilson’s latest win came from playing the 100X Cash $10 instant ticket game. The game involves matching the player’s numbers or bonus numbers to any winning number.


In February, Wilson claimed her first $1 million prize after playing the Lifetime Millions $50 instant ticket game. Initially, she planned to purchase a car with her previous winnings, but now she has decided to save the money.


For her latest win, Wilson chose the cash payout option of $650,000 before taxes. Additionally, she shared her success by giving the family food mart that sold her the winning ticket a $10,000 bonus.

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Wilson is one of several individuals who have won a lottery jackpot twice in the last year. In February, a Michigan man won a $110,000 prize in the state’s Fantasy 5 Double Play drawing. Six months earlier, he had also won $110,000 from the same game.


In October 2023, Jennifer Minton from Gloucester, Virginia, won $50,000 playing the state’s Safari Quest online game. A week later, she won again, securing a $1 million prize.


In March of the same year, a couple from Australia won two $1 million prizes on separate tickets in the same drawing for Australia’s Monday & Wednesday Lotto game.


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