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MARITAL DISASTER Full 2023 Yoruba Movie Download

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MARITAL DISASTER Full 2023 Yoruba Movie Download

MARITAL DISASTER Full 2023 Yoruba Movie Download

MARITAL DISASTER Full 2023 Yoruba Movie Download


Explore the repercussions of Dapo Ayo Olaiya’s infidelity as it unfolds a tale of emotional turmoil impacting not only his marriage but also the well-being of his wife, Mide Martins. Delve into the suspense as Dapo faces a critical choice between preserving his marriage or sustaining his relationship with his side chick, Lola Duchess.


In the midst of Dapo Ayo Olaiya’s marital challenges, the consequences of his infidelity extend beyond the confines of his relationship. This gripping narrative not only sheds light on the destructive impact on Dapo and his marriage but also delves into the profound negative effects on his wife, Mide Martins’ emotional well-being.

To conceal his transgressions, Dapo finds himself at a crossroads, confronted with two distinct choices. The gravity of his actions leads him to consider either eradicating the trust in his marriage with Mide Martins or severing ties with his side chick, Lola Duchess. The suspense builds as the audience awaits the pivotal decision that will shape the course of Dapo’s life.


Filming Location: Lagos State, Nigeria | Year of Production: 2023

Packaged by:

  • Ayo Olaiya

Produced by:

  • Dairo Samuel Richie

Directed by:

  • Taiwo Babatunde


Ayo Olaiya (Brother Jacob), Mide Martins, Sisi Quadri, Lola Duchess, Lekan Olatunji, Samuel Dairo Richie and so on

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