Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2024

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Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2024

Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2024
Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program embodies a collaborative effort between the Government of Japan and the World Bank to empower citizens of developing countries in driving sustainable development. This prestigious scholarship program is designed for individuals with a fervent commitment to fostering their nations’ progress through academic pursuit and practical application.

The program aims to equip scholars with the necessary skills and knowledge to address pressing developmental challenges in their home countries. It is open to citizens of developing nations who demonstrate a strong dedication to contributing to their countries’ socio-economic advancement.

By offering scholarships to pursue master’s degree programs in various development-related fields, the initiative seeks to cultivate a cadre of competent professionals capable of driving positive change on local, regional, and global scales.

Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2024

Scholarship Benefits:

Successful applicants are awarded a comprehensive scholarship package, including full tuition coverage for their chosen graduate program, a monthly stipend to cover living expenses, accommodation support, and economy class airfare to and from their home country. Additionally, scholars receive a travel allowance and basic medical insurance, ensuring their well-being throughout their academic journey.

Program Structure:

The scholarship program encompasses 52 Participating Programs across renowned universities in the United States, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan. These programs span key areas of development, such as economic policy management, tax policy, and infrastructure management. To accommodate diverse academic calendars, the application process is organized into two rounds, allowing flexibility for both applicants and participating institutions.

Application Window #1: January 15 to February 29, 2024

Application Window #2: March 25 to May 24, 2024

Selected applicants undergo a rigorous evaluation process, with names of successful candidates announced by the respective deadlines. Upon completion of their studies, scholars are committed to returning to their home countries to apply their newfound expertise and contribute to sustainable development efforts.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must meet stringent eligibility criteria to be considered for the scholarship program: 

  • Nationality: Citizens of World Bank member developing countries.
  • Health: Applicants must be in good health to undertake the academic rigors of the program.
  • Education and Experience: A bachelor’s degree obtained at least three years prior to the application deadline, coupled with a minimum of three years of recent development-related work experience.
  • – Employment: Applicants must be employed in a full-time development-related position at the time of application.


The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program stands as a beacon of hope for aspiring development leaders from developing nations. By investing in the education and professional development of talented individuals, the program fosters a global network of change agents committed to building inclusive, sustainable, and resilient societies. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, scholars emerge as catalysts for transformative development, driving progress and prosperity in their home countries and beyond.



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