Jamil & Imade’s Playful Banter watch video

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Jamil & Imade’s Playful Banter watch video

Jamil & Imade's Playful Banter watch video
Jamil & Imade

In a viral video circulating online, the dynamic duo of Tiwa Savage’s son, Jamil, and Davido’s daughter, Imade, took their friendship to a whole new level with a lively car ride conversation.

The pint-sized pals, both 8 years old, known for their tight bond due to their singing sensation parents, found themselves embroiled in a spirited debate about their relationship status.

Jamil, sporting an air of confidence, declared, “I love you; you’re my sister,” only to be met with Imade’s playful skepticism, retorting, “A brother?”

Undeterred, Jamil doubled down on his proclamation, insisting, “I already told you twice that I am your brother,” prompting a giggly dispute between the two.

As the car journey continued, Jamil, feeling the weight of his sincerity questioned, issued a playful ultimatum, threatening to deny Imade beach company unless she acquiesced.

In a swift turnaround, Imade, realizing the gravity of the situation, promptly apologized with a sincere “sorry,” bringing an end to the playful quarrel.

The online community couldn’t resist diving into the adorable exchange, flooding the comment section with their varied takes on Jamil and Imade’s youthful banter.

Jamil & Imade’s Playful Banter watch video


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