If You Don’t Marry a Woman Who Loves Money, You’ll Die Poor (Video)

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If You Don’t Marry a Woman Who Loves Money, You’ll Die Poor (Video)

If You Don’t Marry a Woman Who Loves Money, You’ll Die Poor (Video)

A video surfaced online showing a woman filming her husband and praising him as he showers her with money, giving her bundles of cash.

Dad this is not a burial ceremony; kindly wipe your tears – Lady tells

In the video, it is evident that the woman had just given birth, holding her baby with one arm. Her husband then splashed her with bundles of clean naira notes as she prayed for him.

To her surprise, she didn’t realize her husband was holding a bundle of cash until he tore the paper. She then reacted with excitement and jubilation, as if she had won a lottery.

“Give it to me, you don’t need to stress yourself. Just give it to me like that,” she tells him.

“Don’t spray it, just give me the money.”

The husband handed her each bundle, and the woman was so excited because of the money that she started dancing and singing.

She said the following;

“I’m loyal to you, sir,” she says, bowing as she accepts the money.

“I am ever loyal, sir. Over loyal, sir. Sir, God bless you, sir. Sir, I love you so much, sir,” she says while the person filming laughs.

“If you don’t marry a woman who loves money, you’ll die poor,” the new mom says. “I love money.”

“God bless you, sir. Sir, let me help you tear the nylon,” the woman offers as her husband begins opening another bundle.

“Sir, we love you, sir. God bless you, sir. Sir, I’m loyal, sir. Tuale, sir.”

She continues: “God bless you, sir. What do you want, sir? Just tell me everything.”




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