Dani Alves’ Arrest and Termination from UNAM

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Dani Alves’ Arrest and Termination from UNAM

Dani Alves' Arrest and Termination from UNAM

Dani Alves’ Arrest and Termination from UNAM

Former Barcelona and Brazil football legend, Dani Alves, is currently facing serious legal challenges, with prosecutors pushing for a nine-year prison sentence, £130,000 in damages, and 10 years of probation if found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman in a Spanish nightclub.

The trial, which recently commenced in Spain, alleges that the incident took place in the bathroom of the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on December 30. Alves, 40, denies any wrongdoing, asserting that the encounter was consensual.

The arrest occurred on January 20, leading to Alves being held in a prison outside Barcelona.

The footballer, who was playing for the Mexican club UNAM at the time, had his contract terminated by the club after judges denied him bail, citing flight risk concerns. Alves changed his testimony on four occasions, prompting the trial proceedings earlier this month.

Despite Alves’ insistence on innocence, the case has taken a toll on his personal life. His wife, model Joana Sanz, hinted at a separation in a social media post dated March 15.

In a handwritten letter, she expressed the difficulty of erasing the memories of their relationship and portrayed herself as a strong woman moving forward.

As the trial unfolds, Alves remains adamant about proving his innocence, emphasizing that the encounter was consensual and expressing disbelief at the accusations.

The football community awaits the resolution of this legal battle involving one of its former stars.


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