Court Penalizes Thief for Purse Snatching

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Court Penalizes Thief for Purse Snatching

Court Penalizes Thief for Purse Snatching

Ajebotune learned that a court called out a man who was found guilty of theft. He was accused of snatching an unknown woman’s purse and was punished to keep the courthouse clean for a full three weeks.

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The police have apprehended the culprit, Mr. Chidi Leo narrated the scene to the court on Thursday, stating that the culprit, Garba Aliyu, broke into Adenna Ebuka’s store in Kaduna while in the process of purchasing a loaf of bread.

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Chidi pressed further, stating that the purse was taken from the woman’s shop, and a series of investigations were conducted before it was found with the culprit.

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The culprit was found guilty but pleaded for mercy. Unfortunately, the judge found him guilty of his act but placed him under penalty. Then he was told to make the courthouse clean by sweeping the floor for three weeks by Magistrate Ibrahim Emmanuel.


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