Amnesty’s Plea to Tinubu’s Administration

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Amnesty’s Plea to Tinubu’s Administration

Amnesty's Plea to Tinubu's Administration

Amnesty’s Plea to Tinubu’s Administration

In the spotlight, Bola Tinubu’s presidential debut is met with a resounding critique from Amnesty International. The stage is set in Abuja, where the human rights drama unfolds on November 29.

Tinubu’s policy debut leaves a void, failing to quell the crescendo of human rights violations across Nigeria, as Amnesty International points out.

The script emphasizes Tinubu’s missed opportunity to be the hero of human rights, urging him to hold past violators accountable. Isa Sanusi, the country director, passionately sets the stage, imploring the government to make human rights its leading act.

A plea echoes through the air: every Nigerian deserves their rights safeguarded, and those who breach them must face justice.

Auwal Rafsanjani, the board chairman, steps into the narrative, clarifying that Amnesty International isn’t anti-government but a staunch opponent of rampant rights violations.

The call to action reverberates—a demand for prevention, investigation, and justice when rights are trampled upon. The stage is set; the audience awaits, hoping for a plot twist that champions human rights in Nigeria.


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