Allegations of Assault: Taylor Swift’s Father Under Investigation

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Allegations of Assault: Taylor Swift’s Father Under Investigation

Allegations of Assault: Taylor Swift's Father Under Investigation
Taylor and her father

Allegations of Assault: Taylor Swift’s Father Under Investigation

Taylor Swift’s father, Scott, is facing allegations of assaulting a paparazzo in Australia, prompting an investigation by local authorities. The incident reportedly occurred at Sydney’s North Shore in the early hours of Tuesday morning, with photographer Ben McDonald filing a complaint.

NSW Police Media Unit confirmed they are looking into the matter after receiving the report. The altercation allegedly involved Scott, believed to be 71 years old, and McDonald, 51, at Neutral Bay Wharf around 2 AM. While McDonald claims to have captured part of the incident on camera, the exact details remain unclear.

In footage, Scott and security guards can be seen clearing a path for him as he exits the area, with a scuffle heard as they approach McDonald. Although Scott’s direct involvement is uncertain, McDonald has accused him of assault.

Reports suggest Taylor Swift was present during the incident, arriving with Scott on a yacht from Homebush, as documented by paparazzi photos. As of now, neither Taylor nor Scott has commented on the matter.


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