A Young man’s body found on a refuse dump

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A Young man’s body found on a refuse dum

A Young man's body found on a refuse dump

A Young man’s body found on a refuse dump

A young man’s body, tied and bearing signs of brutalization, was discovered on a refuse dump in Makurdi, Benue State, with one ear missing. The suspected cult clash victim was found in the Nyiman Layout area. The incident, not yet reported to the police, caused palpable panic among residents.

In a broader context, at least 19 Nigerian states, including Kaduna, Sokoto, Zamfara, and others, grapple with rising incidents of wanton killings and kidnappings.

The traumatic impact on victims’ families includes the agony of uncertainty and the financial burden of raising ransoms. Despite significant budgetary allocations for defense, the 2024 budget reveals a commitment of N3.25 trillion for security, reflecting 12% of the total budget.

Kidnappings have escalated beyond highways and farms, reaching residential areas. Disturbingly high ransoms have been paid, with some states witnessing sums exceeding N200 million this year alone.

High-profile cases, such as the tragic murder of Nabeeha Al-Kadriya despite a N700 million ransom demand, highlight the pervasive terror. The situation persists despite substantial defense spending, painting a grim picture of the security challenges facing Nigeria.


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